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Obama’s presidency is far from scheduled. From the strong teenager in Honolulu to the first African-American president, there have been mistakes, disappointments, and outright stupid decisions along the way. He survived arrogance, empowerment, and prejudice and is still fighting. But Obama hoped that the United States could move forward as a country: he overcame the obstacles in his life: he learned to balance the painful aspects of his character. Obama grew up in an Ivy League with idealism. He learned how and when a person and a president must make commitments, and most importantly when they should stick to their beliefs.

About the author:

Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States and the first nonwhite man to be elected to the nation’s highest office. His other books, Dreams From My Father and The Audacity of Hope, are international bestsellers and have been translated into dozens of languages.

Take a look into the life and career of America’s 44th president:

It’s the year 2000, the Democratic National Convention begins in Los Angeles, and Barack Obama will have a week. First of all, he suffered the worst loss in his short political career – 30 points lost in the headlines by an incumbent, the U.S. House of Representatives. If you land in Los Angeles, the car rental company will reject your American Express card. When you finally reach the exit, your credentials will be considered suspicious, so they may not even be in the meeting room—the icing on the cake when they refuse to attend a stylish post-party party. At the same time, Obama gave up and returned to the airport.

Obama’s story may end here. At the time, he was just a humble senator from Illinois. Still, he not only owed credit card debts but also had little control over attending a party in Los Angeles-he dreamed of bringing together Americans from various political and political groups. And socioeconomic status. He was almost rejected in 2000 but did not give up. Four years later, he delivered a keynote speech at the next DNC. Four years later, he was the first black man to accept the Democratic presidential nomination.

A political rebirth:

Barack Hussein Obama (Barack Hussein Obama) is a lovely child. He was born in 1961 and grew up with his mother and grandparents in Honolulu, Hawaii, but neither his mother nor grandparents knew he would hold public office, let alone serve as president. He is a mediocre student and a decent basketball player.

His only genuine concern was gatherings, but at some point in high school, he started asking questions that his grandparents could not answer, such as why most professional basketball players are black. Why does your mother think of a good person worth working for and struggling financially? To answer these questions, he turned to books.

When he entered Los Angeles Western Academy in 1979, this insatiable reading habit gave him a decent political consciousness. He was studying at university, but most of them left a deep impression on the girls. When he read Foucault, he was referring to elegant bisexuals in black. He studied Marx to impress clever socialists in his bedroom. It didn’t help the ladies much, but it taught him a thing or two in political theory.

When he moved to Colombia, he was obsessed with politics in practice. All these political activities meant that he didn’t have much fun with him, and he didn’t hesitate to tell some of his friends. You can consider your ideas individually. I only need one place to put them into practice.

After graduation, he worked in Chicago and worked with a team to stabilize the community that was adversely affected by the closure of steel mills. Get free from theory books. It allowed him to listen to real people, their real problems. It also helped him realize that he was a black mixed race.

However, he was not satisfied with the results. The change is too slow. I need more power and power to set budgets and direct policies, which may have a tangible impact on these communities. He decided to apply to Harvard Law School and was accepted. In the fall of the following year, he moved to Boston to start his next journey.

The school experience is very similar to his student experience. He has been reading articles about citizenship. But this time, he was rewarded more for it: he was elected editor of the Harvard Law Review, got his first book, and emerged a high-paying, compelling job.

Last try:

Obama’s first decisive moment was in 2000 when his life seemed to be going well: he married Michelle, a beautiful and clever lawyer from Chicago, and they had a beautiful daughter, Malia. He agreed to hold two jobs. Practice and teach law in Chicago. He also had an early chance to run for the Senate-he won twice.

But this is not enough for him. Although Michelle protested that she needed more, he decided to run for the House of Representatives against the current president. It was a bold move and did not proceed as planned. He lost 30 points.

After carefully checking his abilities, he found that he didn’t like his life. In the end, he made an arrogant decision and played a game he couldn’t win.

To make matters worse, he gave up his young family. However, he could not wholly withdraw from politics. He still believes in his dream, which is to unite Americans with diverse political beliefs from different races and socioeconomic backgrounds. This policy does not apply to local racing cars. He had to run for a national office like the Senate, so he decided to try again. If he fails again, he will withdraw from politics. Michelle blessed him helplessly.

This time he found a secret weapon: David Axelrod, a journalist who became a political media consultant. Aks knows that Obama has a compelling message. He needs to convey the message more effectively. Axe’s influence quickly paid off: even before Obama announced his candidacy, speeches expressing opposition to the Iraq War circulated widely on blogs and MySpace. It’s not that he knows the meaning of all this. He needs the help of young activists to understand the online world.

Dynamic growth. Small donations and volunteers arrived. Obama and his staff realized that they had taken advantage of specific advantages: their speeches talked about the practical problems facing the people and their candidacy. It reflects the hope that some Americans thought she was gone.

There is a golden opportunity before the election. They invited him to deliver a keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Based on the experience he learned from his parents and grandparents, he tried to summarize the policies he had followed since college. He decided to take a sentence he remembered from his pastor in Chicago: the courage of hope.

Change that gives us high hopes:

After giving a speech to the National Democratic Council, Obama’s hype quickly became ridiculous. It is already difficult for him to do everyday things. One day, after a chaotic trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo, his daughter Malia invited him to take the pseudonym Johnny McJohn John. Michelle replied that she could only be genuinely anonymous if she undergoes surgery to fix her ears.

After leaving the DNC stage in 2004, they told him almost immediately that he would become president one day. His convictions are not that strong, but for some reason, running for president in the spring of 2006 no longer seems impossible: no matter how many times he denies it, the media will not accept the “no” answer. Harry Reid said that his stern demeanor softened when you think about it, but this was an interview with Senator Ted Kennedy and eventually changed his mind. For Kennedy’s idealistic brothers John and Robert, Kennedy looked at Obama and said: “Moments like this are rare. You think you are not ready, but you don’t choose the moment; time chooses you.

Obama announced this.” He will run for president in February 2007 and then go directly to Iowa to fight for the state’s important shareholder meeting. Thousands of people came to see it. “This is abnormal.

Not sure, he is a young and inexperienced candidate, and worst of all, he is a teacher-this has an impact. In fact, instead of giving a short excerpt, he tried to answer the interviewer’s question. Other more experienced candidates adopted different methods and used interviews as a platform to convey their information.

The campaign had two goals: First, a first-class team led by David Axelrod. The second is money. As the movement developed, the composition of the donor base changed from large donors to small essential donors. They also have an army of young and enthusiastic volunteers.

Obama’s attack made other candidates vacillate, especially Hillary Clinton, who was regarded widely as the Democratic candidate. The hostility between the two campaigns led Obama and Clinton to a fierce battle on the runway in Des Moines, Iowa.

A black president in the U.S.?

Iowa’s best state did not last long: they lost to their next big game New Hampshire, but Obama now sees this loss as one of the campaign’s highlights. Now they realize that it is not as easy as it used to be. The staff gritted their teeth and went back to work.

There are more questions in the store. Pastor Jeremy Wright, Obama’s old friend, was recorded at a gathering on Sunday, expressing a crazy view of the supremacy of white people and “black inferiority.” He asked Obama some old questions about his complicated relationship with the black community. Some of them believe that the United States is not ready for black presidents. Others think he is “not enough to represent the community.”

It is not only black people who have problems with Obama. Right-wing media repeatedly published stupid rumors, accusing him of being a drug dealer. And a gay whore.There are more insidious, racially motivated attacks against him and Michelle. The Fox News column described Michelle as “Obama’s child.

However, Obama continued to win. In South Carolina, this was due to the participation of black people. All his predecessors participated in Obama’s rally. After the performance, fans Screaming and crying: He touched his face and asked him to hold the child. The rally would make Obama and his team full of vitality. But Obama also worried that it would become a place of a million different hopes and dreams. It will be inevitable. The place was disappointing.

Then Pastor Wright returned. A videotape got distributed, which covered all the popular content he had said over the years, including “Damn America.” It’s like the catnip of voters in the Red States who love broadcasting. They don’t like the idea of ​​black people in the White House. Even the most optimistic activists admit that they may not have done so.

Obama chose it. In the next few days, he engaged in lectures about racing. He wanted to tell the Americans that although Pastor Wright was part of his story, it was not the whole story. Obama’s white grandmother (this woman is sometimes frightened when passing black people on the street) is also part of the story. Whether the speech is delivered or not, Obama believes that he is saying what he wants to say.

No worries. The speech has landed. One million people watched the record within 24 hours, setting a paper at the time.

Hopes even higher – and a gleam of Darkness:

When Obama chose the candidate, Joe Biden was not immediately selected. On paper, the two are opposite. Biden is 19 years older than Obama and is a professional congressman. Obama is a young upstart. Enthusiasm and playfulness are far from Obama’s indifference to teachers, but he is intelligent, compassionate, considerate, and most importantly, he has a heart. In the end, it was a simple decision. Obama is ahead in the polls.

When Republican candidate John McCain announced his presidential candidate, the press release prompted Joe Biden to ask: “Who is Sarah Palin?” Joe and his country soon discovered.

She is the governor of Alaska. Alaska is a conservative small-town girl with incredible working-class vitality. She didn’t know what topic he was talking about, but the voters didn’t care. They were happy to see someone like her on stage. It is a testament to the broader and darker reality in which the loyalty of the guerrillas and political intrigue threatens to obliterate everything else.

John McCain is a good man. Obama saw real courage in the Senate, but the Republican candidate was pushed aside by his party and increasingly populist voters.

And Palin is not Obama’s most serious problem. The global financial system is on the verge of catastrophic collapse, and it is unclear when or if it will recover. When the country’s largest subprime lender went bankrupt at the end of 2007, things quickly fell apart. Financial institutions suffered billions of dollars in losses, and the market did not respond well. By the spring of 2008, the United States plunged into recession.

Things fought McCain’s campaign from the beginning. When McCain made the desperate and grand decision to suspend the campaign in response to the so-called financial crisis, almost everyone knew that Obama would win. Shepard Fairey’s HOPE posters are everywhere, showing Obama’s face in red, white, and blue. Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s long-time friend, and adviser, said: “You are a newbie in this field.”

Far away from the brink:

Since the election, the presidential election crowded, but there was only one thing in the winter of 2008: stop the economic collapse-the stock market lost 40% of its value. Compared with the Great Depression, among 2.3 million families, the wealth of this family has increased by more than five times. Things got so bad that Obama smoked again, up to ten cigarettes a day.

The first thing he did was to accept fiscal stimulus. The proposed bill provides many benefits: increased grocery vouchers, expanded unemployment insurance, lowered tax rates for the middle class, and helped states prevent teachers, firefighters, and other workers from being laid off. But this is far from always going through Congress.

The fact is that Congress is not functioning well, and party relations have become a nostalgia of the past. Even at that moment, most politicians can barely place their seats in the middle of the street. Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin came to power with a new generation of politicians. These people did nothing.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (Mitch McConnell) led them. McConnell was polite, eclectic, and more interested in firm commitments than in political details. He was also rude: When Biden turned to McConnell to discuss the law, Joe Biden introduced Obama to the standoff in the Senate. McConnell raised a hand to stop him as if commanding a movement. Under the misunderstanding that I care about,” he said.

Obama was determined to work in the aisle, but over time, Republican cooperation became empty. Again, tell him that Mitch McConnell has been urging his team not to even discuss the incentive bill with the White House staff. Prevent Obama from getting anywhere, no matter what the consequences are for the country.

In the end, the “Reconstruction Act” did not win the Republican vote. There are enough Democrats in the House of Representatives to overtake him, but the Republican battle is the first shot in the war that McConnell and his employees will bet on Obama in the next eight years.

Great swings:

About 100 days after his presidency, Obama met with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Usually, Obama can tell from Geithner’s face how bad the numbers are, but this time it’s different: economics.

It seems to be a turning point, but the financial crisis has now swept the world and became the main issue at the 2009 London G20 summit. Obama’s job is to convince the entire 20 countries that fiscal incentives are the right choice, including rebel countries like Russia and China. Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy have become new friends from the European squad. Merkel is a patient and methodical leader with bright blue eyes and sometimes expresses deep emotions. He gets along well with Obama. On the other hand, Sarkozy was full of emotional outbursts. Obama is pleased to see an elevator in his shoes.

Following the typical beliefs of these summits, the G20 agreed on incentive measures. Sarkozy was so nervous that he sang Geithner’s name, which made Mermel grunt silently.

Portuguese water dog. It named this fluffy black and white joy bundle after the pink Bo tongue. He soon became a beloved member of the Obama family.

However, Teddy Kennedy has a brain tumor and is terminally ill. A problem that might get him out of bed: medical services. They disturbed the U.S. healthcare system for decades.

Obama’s team is worried about what will happen if he makes a big turn and fails to introduce universal health insurance. In the chaotic environment of Congress, the advancement of health legislation is far from the right move. But due to the economic recession, his findings are still affected. For Obama, it is unthinkable that medical attention will prevent the fear of millions of people. Kennedy participated in a press conference with Obama on this topic, one of his last public appearances.

Historic wins and losses:

Republicans opposed the Affordable Care Act from the beginning. After testing about 40 counter-reform messages in the market, they found that describing the plan as a “takeover” further angered Republican voters. McConnell launched a counterattack, angering the public.

In the summer of 2009, the so-called “tea drinking” became more and more popular. The Tea Party tried to pass laws to attract voters and feed their fears. These chapters use social media tools that support Obama as president and mobilize their supporters to oppose “Obamacare.” One of his favorite topics is the rumors that Obama was born in Kenya, so he is not eligible.

Obama thinks he cannot withstand this wave of opposition, but he believes he can help Congressional Democrats feel more powerful. As a result, his team performed primetime performances before the joint congressional meeting. An unprecedented disrespect of a South Carolina congressman overshadowed his speech.

He shouted: “You are lying!” After 24 hours of continuous debate, Obama managed to put the “Affordable Care Act” on Christmas Eve in 2009 ( Affordable Care Bill) to the Senate. A few months later, after a bitter battle, they also passed this in the House of Representatives. Obama and his team are pleased. They fulfilled that promise.

It seems to be an excellent time to quit smoking. Since then, Obama has never smoked.

The choice will be difficult. It took full advantage of the Democratic Party’s control of Congress and the vast majority of seats in the Senate and worked hard in two years. You have achieved a lot: You saved the economy from depression and stabilized the global financial system. They passed the landmark health law. It alone is more than any convention in the past 40 years. But the economy is still in a state of decline. There is no interference. They still suffer.

Events abroad pressure tough decisions:

In his early years in office, Obama told him that he was a reformer at heart, not an activist. Some of his foreign policy decisions reinforce this view, while others force him to reconsider his values ​​and see how he adapts to them.

The war in Afghanistan is an example of entirely disastrous measures. The situation on the ground, a corrupt and incompetent government, and the general whim of the population obeying the Taliban mean that a full-scale withdrawal is never a problem. The Joint Chiefs of Staff recommended a more significant new deployment: an additional 17,000 soldiers for the summer offensive against the Taliban.

Then, almost immediately after Obama approved the increase in the army, the Chief of Staff and the U.S. Army commander in Afghanistan demanded an additional 40,000 soldiers, both of whom were anti-war presidents.

Still, at the same time, the Nobel Committee’s requirements were poor: They awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize.” To?” When he heard the news, he asked his assistant. He did not promote peace. He sent more young people to participate in the war! It seems to indicate that the gap between the reality of Obama’s presidency and the expectations of others is growing.

On the contrary, things overseas prompted Obama to face the gap between values ​​and the reality of his ability.

Protests broke out in Egypt in 2010. Thousands of demonstrators stormed Tahrir Square and demanded the removal of Toke, the senior dictator Hosni Mubarak.

If Obama is a candidate or a senator, supporting democratic reform will be easy. But President Obama must admit that the United States is interested in a stable Egypt, which means that Mubarak is still ruling the democratic process in Egypt. To make matters worse, the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic organization, is the most powerful political group in the country. If the group takes over, it may cause trouble for the relationship between the United States and the Middle East.

SEAL justice:

Osama bin Laden, the organizer of the 9/11 attacks, has been missing since December 2001. Soon after taking office, Obama told his staff that bin Laden should be a top priority. He thinks this is a mockery of American power and a painful issue for 9/11 families.

In 2010, his bid finally paid off. CIA analysts found a complex in Abbottabad, Pakistan, where they collected information on El Pacer, who was six feet tall, who had never left a construction site and burned garbage, Did not throw away. He has the same number of wives and children as Osama bin Laden (Osama bin Laden). Go around in the complex garden. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) estimates that Bin Laden’s probability is 60% to 80%.

Obama has to decide how and whether to approve the raid without the knowledge of Pakistanis or anyone else. Beyond those who should have known. A leak of information will mean a failure of the mission because once bin Laden learns that the Americans are hunting him, he will disappear without a trace.

Obama kept this secret for nearly two years and decided to clear the special operations mission. A group of SEALs flew from Afghanistan to Pakistan by helicopter, attacked the territory, killed bin Laden, and fled before the Pakistani police or military knew they were there.

Obama can barely work. While waiting for dawn in Pakistan, he and his employees nervously played cards. When he arrived, he and his team huddled in a small room surrounded by Army technicians. It was his first and only time. They watched the live broadcast of the battle, which lasted 20 minutes, and it was unbearable. But then they got the news they were waiting for: They killed Bin Laden in the house.

When it became well-known, the crowd gathered outside the White House to celebrate by singing America! It means that, at least for some time, the mood in the country has changed slightly. Like the Obama election three years ago, people are happy for their country’s historic victory. Obama did not do this for the first time during his presidency. You don’t have to sell what he did.