Born to Win (Book Summary)

What’s it about?

Born to Win teaches a simple and practical philosophy of success: first, you must plan and prepare to win. Only then can you hope to win. This book shows how to implement this concept, from setting a vision and goals to preparing for success. It also emphasizes the importance of positive thinking and public attention.

About the author:

Zig Ziglar is a successful salesman, motivational speaker, and writer. For four years, he traveled extensively and performed in front of millions of people. He has authored more than 30 books on faith and personal growth, including the bestsellers, See You at the Top, How to be a Winner, and Success and the Self-Image.

Tom Ziglar is an inspirational speaker. Ziglar, Inc. is a personal and professional development company founded by his late father, Zig Ziglar. He hosts The Ziglar Show, a leading business podcast and a part of Choose to Win Author.

What can I get? Learn and apply successful strategies! 

“Everyone is a winner.” You may have heard of this sentence or different versions of it, but although these words sound promising, they don’t explain how to find your winner accurately. 

 At these moments, you will discover secrets. You will learn a simple strategy to break down everything and explain that winning in any effort boils down to three things: plan to win, adjust to success, and then wait to win. 

 Follow these steps, and you will find that they will lead you to your inherent success.

Winning begins with a concept and a passion for making it happen.

Have you seen an athletics championship? Or the last game of a major sporting event like the Super Bowl or the FIFA World Cup? In all these activities, the winners will appear and enjoy the glory of their success. 

But the question is, how did these winners come this time? Most likely, they showed potential even earlier, but this is not all. 

As for writers, everyone has potential. What separates the potential and the victorious is desire. Before the athletes cross the finish line or the winning football team raises the trophy, they must first want to win. It encourages them to plan, prepare, and ultimately hope to win. 

Desire motivates people to work hard to achieve victory. Think of it as the engine that drives you to success. When you have a clear idea about your future, it will trigger the machine. It is the result of an event or meeting. 

For example, Zig Ziglar’s vision of success was inspired by a conversation with a leader he admired. He is a salesman, and his boss told him that he could be the best salesman in the country. Before this conversation, she couldn’t imagine what she could do other than making a living. However, when a great opportunity appeared, he was excited about this vision and desired to make it a reality. 

When you feel this way, two qualities will be activated to guide you to realize your vision: commitment and perseverance. 

Promises to keep you focused and aligned with your vision-you will do anything to achieve success; persistence will make you move forward. Even if the road becomes difficult, this is inevitable. You have setbacks or problems, and you must be able to move forward. Otherwise, you will never realize your vision. 

To take the road to success, look for moments that inspire vision and awaken desires. Knowing precisely what you want gives you the motivation to plan, prepare, and hope to win. We will see how to do this in the next few minutes.

Establishing goals forces you on the winning track.

Imagine that when you arrive at a roundabout with multiple exits, driving along the street. How do you know which door to go from? 

It depends on where you are going. Considering a destination in mind is easy to choose which street to take. Without it, you will drift aimlessly, not knowing which slope or curve to take.

When you plan to win, a goal is like achieving a purpose: it gives you direction and prevents you from wasting time and energy. 

To win, you need to set the right goals. You can do this with a simple program. 

First of all, make sure your goals are specific-you need to know precisely what you are looking for. For example, your goal is not to make more money but to increase your income by 30%. After determining a plan, write down what you will get when you achieve it. Knowing what he offers you will help you stay motivated. 

Second, identify any obstacles you may encounter in achieving your goals. When you know what will happen, you can prepare for it. Speaking of preparation: In the third step, consider the knowledge and skills needed to achieve the goal. In this way, you can find what you need to learn and who can provide you with support and advice. , To complete the process by formulating a detailed action plan and setting deadlines. 

Setting goals is, of course, necessary, but winning is not enough. You need to continue. Courage and determination will help you achieve it-they are the leading “causes” of your vision. 

Imagine the following scenario: Three people doing the same task ask what they are doing. The first said he was cutting stone, the second said he was getting a salary, but the third saw the ultimate goal of the job and said he was building a cathedral. Who among these three people would say he has the best attitude? 

What you do gives you the value and purpose of energy. So ask yourself: Why do you want to achieve your goals? How will the lives of you and others improve? By answering these questions, you will discover the value and purpose that motivates your work.

Plan to win by acknowledging and asking for advice from the right people.

Another question: Would you go camping without a tent or sleeping bag, or give an important speech without first practicing? 

If you answered yes, your trip may not be exciting! As for the performance, there is a chance to surprise the audience! Because both of these situations lack an essential factor for success: preparation. 

Everything you want to do requires preparation, from the crowd’s joy in your own words to have an unforgettable camping experience. You need to equip yourself with the necessary information, tools, and support systems. Only in this way can you have a chance of success? 

Have you heard the phrase “knowledge is power”? Well, victory is the same. With the proper knowledge, you can discover opportunities and find ways to overcome difficulties. When you are ready to win, you will develop the skills to learn and build knowledge. You can do this by regularly taking time to understand things related to your vision and goals. Take a piece of paper from Zig Ziglar: You read for three hours a day. 

In the process of learning, you should put your knowledge and skills into practice. It allows you to internalize new information and increase confidence. Do you need proof? Think about what happens when your child learns to ride a bicycle. At first, she was nervous about falling and tripping while riding, but after enough practice, her self-confidence increased, and she could quickly ride the bike without hesitation. 

In addition to gaining knowledge and the confidence to apply it, another step can prepare you for victory: find a mentor. 

Everyone needs support at some point, and advice from more competent, successful, self-made people will increase your chances of winning. When choosing the right mentor, look for good character traits such as reliability and commitment. 

Having certain confidence in a person’s character is a happy and healthy relationship. The instructor should listen carefully and always tell the truth, even if you don’t want to hear—the ability to make the right decision. Finally, choose a mentor who likes to see the success of others.

When you train every perspective of yourself, you can anticipate success.

Take a moment to think about the difference between winners and losers. 

You may think that talent and hard work are essential. You are right, but they are not necessary. The main factor that distinguishes winners from losers is expectations. The winner wants to win. It’s not just because they are planning and preparing to implement their plan. 

To win, you must also work on perfecting your mind, spirit, and body. These different aspects work together to form your entire existence. If you ignore any of them, it will limit your ability to succeed. 

The most important part of you is your spirituality. It is the difference between human beings and all other life forms on earth. For example, animals are driven by the need for survival and reproduction. But you are driven by spiritual concepts such as faith and love as a human. It makes taking care of your thoughts critical to your success and a better life in general. 

Zig Ziglar learned this from personal experience. When he dedicated his life to Jesus Christ, he encountered financial difficulties, and success was short-lived. 

You need to pay attention to your heart. You also need to pay attention to your heart. The best way to do this is to change your mind. It is a two-step process. First, as you learned in the blink of an eye above, make sure you keep absorbing new information by looking at, reading, or listening. Next, use this information to help you achieve your goals and solve problems. To do this, you need to spend time thinking and applying what you have learned recently creatively. 

It is essential to take care of your mind and spirit, but remember that both are in your body, so you also need to stay in good shape. When you are healthy, you will maximize your ability and increase your chances of success. Nourish your body through a nutritious diet and regular exercise. You can even use the goal-setting process to guide yourself towards a better lifestyle and fitness. 

Taking care of your mental, spiritual and physical health will provide you with long-term confidence, vitality, and tranquility. With these tools, no matter what you do, you can count on success.

If you’ve proposed and prepared to succeed, there’s no necessary to worry about the issue.

If you have played bowling before, you may have noticed some interesting things. 

Players position themselves, aim carefully, finally release the ball, and then use their language or body language to guide the ball to the bowling alley as the ball rolls down the lane on their faces. 

But there is a problem: once the ball starts rolling, the player cannot change the final result, so worry that the result will waste energy and time! … 

Once you have set your sights on the vision and completed the work of turning it into reality, there is no need to worry about the bottom line. Since you are a human being, some fears are natural-it is okay to worry about your health or finances, just like worrying about your health. But when you worry about the worst, you lose hope and become harmful. With this attitude, you cannot expect to win. 

One of the manifestations of fear is fear of failure. It will prevent you from overcoming obstacles and frustrations. For example, if you apply for a job and get rejected, you may think that no one will do it. Hire. The best way to deal with this fear is to remember that failure does not define you. 

Fear will also show up when reading the mind. It is when you come to negative conclusions about the thoughts and intentions of others. These results are rarely facts but disappointing. To avoid falling victim to mind-reading, focus on what people are doing and what you learn from public conversations with them. 

So, how do you deal with the negative emotions that cause fear? Activate your antidote: think positively. 

If you prefer positive thoughts to negative thoughts, you will become more capable. Imagine a sports coach telling his team that his opponent is faster and better than they hoped. It will not inspire anyone! If football players play, it will be a miracle! 

But if he tells the team that they can win, he gives them something worthy of respect. 

Do the same thing in your life. Keep a positive attitude and give yourself a chance to win.

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