What’s it about?

Author James Altucher explains that after the 2008 global economic crisis, you can’t wait to be chosen; you have to Choose Yourself. This means you have to take full responsibility for your own success and happiness by reclaiming control of your aspirations and dreams. To do this, the book gives you both tools and effective practices to stay physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

About the author:

James Altucher is a bestselling author, successful entrepreneur, podcaster, chess master, and blogger. He has co-founded more than 20 companies and regularly contributes articles about technology and investments for TechCrunchThe Wall Street JournalThe Financial Times, and Forbes.

Choose yourself or else risk being commoditized:

The ways people work and feed have undergone quite a several changes over the decades. The change is happening every second, even if not a lot of people can see it. Those blindsided people will be taken by surprise eventually; try your best not to be one of them.

There was a time back in the 19th (and even the early 20th) century, where all we had was a science-fictional idea of how technology would overrule our world. Since then, technology did take over, and many people have lost their jobs to computer programs and robots as a result, and sadly the numbers keep multiplying. In this case, you have two alternatives; either ignore this fact and go on with your job while it’s being commoditized or choose the life your heart desires by taking the path of an artist-entrepreneur to become imaginative and creative with the talents and skills you have.

“the best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln

If you refuse to be sent home while your job is taken over by a machine, you have to choose your path. Or else, life will arrange it for you.

If you are one of those who aren’t interested in living the life they want, then hop along! This summary is full of the best tips and advice to help you. This is not the ordinary self-help book you find on a shelf that tells you to believe in yourself in order to succeed and this nonsense. “Choose Yourself!” was born out of James Altucher’s adventure in the entrepreneurial world. Altucher had 18 failed businesses out of 20 and was bankrupt numerous times. Still, eventually, he thrived from the ashes and built a flourishing career out of the principle you’re just about to learn.

Overcome rejection and live the life you truly desire:

Almost all motivational speakers and self-help books will tell you that rejection is a necessity to prepare you for success. This might be true, but it doesn’t address the fact that rejection is too damn painful. 

In most cases, after rejection, we will carry a “rejection pill,” a need for people’s approval for everything. This is something you need to get the better of; it is impossible to live a healthy life basing your life on other’s judgments. Recap your experience quickly: Do you dress based on what people might see appealing? Why did you choose the job you’re in now? Who had an influence on your career choice?

You have to be sure that your choices don’t need to be approved, but chosen by you because you want to do this particular thing. That’s simply the only key to choosing yourself. Do what you love to do. This isn’t some talk about making the best choices; doing what you love goes way beyond that. It applies to what you think, the books you read, the food you eat, the places you go to, only everything. Listening to your heart and soul and doing only the things you want to do is the real key to success.

The bitter truth is that nobody really cares about you more than you. You should be busy living your life just like everyone else. Try your best to make your experience enjoyable for you and the people that you genuinely care for; that’s what really counts.

Life might become hard once we face too many rejections. At this point, we leak anxiety out of everything. But here’s how to deal with it: the next time this overwhelming feeling of dread rushes through your soul, take time to list all your rejections and think how they helped shape you. The thing about life is that everything we experience in it leaves us a small positive lesson. Focus on those lessons, the ones you are grateful for. 

Practice maintaining a healthy being:

Whenever we mention health or sickness, our minds directly go to the physical body. We rarely consider our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies as principal as the physical body. The truth is that the four bodies need to be healthy for you to live happily and successfully.

Over time, a lot of life practices made us unstable in all four areas. To regain stability, we need to take one step at a time. James Altuchter has this as his daily practice:

  1. For the physical body:
  • Exercising daily – talking a simple stroll will do.
  • Drink 8 cups of water for the least.
  • Maintain 7-9 hours of sleep program.
  • Skip the night meals.

2. For the emotional body:

  • Steer clear of negative people.
  • Always surround yourself with positive books, people, movies …
  • Fall in love.
  • Take someone you trust as a refuge when you feel down.

3. For your mental body:

Keep coming up with creative ideas. The goal here is to keep your mind busy with hard tasks. For instance, come up with 10 new business ideas, 10 ways to prepare a healthy meal, 10 ways to say I love you. Work your mind to deprive it of the energy it needs to entertain negativity.

4. For your spiritual body:

Live in the present. Stop thinking about the past or the speculations of the future. The reality of the present is the only thing that exists outside your mind. Focus on this very second and make the best of it.

What should you do when it feels that the whole world is crumbling over your head:

This will be pretty quick. If you are currently in this situation or have been there before, you know that no one really needs meaningless loads of information once they think about ending it. So this will be quick.

(don’t skip this chapter if you’ve never been there. This might help you or someone in the future)

Don’t let anyone fool you, it’s normal to feel like you should die and get rid of all your troubles. The issue here isn’t the thought itself, it’s what you do in the period of your life that counts.

Even if it’s hard, try to live through it one step at a time.

  1. Better than focusing on the negativities of life, convert your mind into abundance thinking. Think about the majority around you in which you are grateful. You must have met a great number of lovely people around the years. Call them up and go on about how much you appreciate their existence and how they had an influence on your life.
  2. Volunteer. When you are thrown into such a situation, you are probably thinking about how useless you are. You need to shake yourself out of this and go out there to do something appreciated. Volunteering is one of the best things you could do.
  3. Exercise like your life depends on (it does actually). Let be realistic here, exercise is something hard to commit to, but you got to keep your body and soul together. Start by taking a stroll around or doing any exercise you feel like doing.
  4. No news, no alcohol, and no movies. Take it as a rule.

Once you practice these one day at a time, you will recover and get back to your old vibrant self in no time.

Purpose who? Just live!

Purpose, goals, and ambitions are the major things people obsess over; so much that they spend their whole life waiting for that light bolt moment when purpose will fall from the sky, and all of a sudden, they will know what to do with their lives. People live and die with the same hope but without real change. This problem gets the best of young people and leaves their victims in their own lives.

Here’s my advice. Don’t spend your time waiting for a purpose, instead of living that life of yours to the fullest.

Sure, you might become famous one day in the future, and you might not. But who cares? If you are supposed to choose between happiness, popularity, wealth, abundance, and all those life’s pleasures. Which one will it be?

If your goal is happiness, then why postpone it? Do what you want to do, and if what you want to do changes as you go on, so be it, change your plans.

You might pause for a moment and envy the success of Bill Gates, Colonel Sanders, and Henry Fords of the world. It’s great that you admire the lives of such people and the amazing feats they achieved. But have you ever realized that all those people succeeded in the things they love doing the most?

All people should live this way. It starts with self-love. Love yourself like your life depends on it because it does.

The honesty of financial value:

It seems that today the only way to scale your way to the life of your dream is by being dishonest. And why not? Many dishonest people manage to get away with it making honesty look like an overrated manner no one really needs.

The bitter truth is that actually, dishonesty doesn’t pay in the long run. The people who choose this easier path will be caught short-sided eventually. Honesty will always remain the best ethical policy, the path taken by people that aim for everlasting success.

Honesty may not pay you the very same day you decide to be honest. This morality is more like a compound interest that provokes a huge result in the long run.

Honesty supports your credibility, and you need credibility as you choose a life for yourself. Once you are said to be not credible enough for a business deal, you will suffer from rejection. Therefore, aim for an honest life; start with the simple matters until it turns into a habit.


We live in an era of chaos and incertitude, so much that the only real insurance policy we have is the kind of life we choose to live. No one really cares about you as much as you, so the only thing you can do for yourself is to make independent choices. You might think one day that you have everything you need, but even then, you have to watch your back because we people are unpredictable. At the end of the day, all you have is yourself.

Focus on all your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. Ask yourself some questions. Are you doing the things you love, or are you just living? Is your job fulfilling, or are you in need of a career that makes you feel alive again? If your answer is yes, don’t pause, take real steps to real goals. Once you start gradually, you will immerse your feet deeper without even noticing as time goes on.