What’s it about?

Dusk, Night, Dawn (2021) is a study of the fears and worries that keep us awake at night. In the dark, it is seldom difficult to find a reason to move on. Here you will find help that will point you to the right. Track. Towards hope, self-acceptance, and peace.

About the author:

Anne Lamott is a best-selling author and non-fiction writer. She has authored many books, including Birds by Birds and Small Victories. In her writings and public prayers, she uses her sense of humor and fearless openness to share her experiences of alcoholism and family trauma.

What can I get? Learn to believe in yourself and learn to love yourself. 

The world is getting more and more gloomy every day, and the news is getting dark every minute. How do you unite and find the strength to move on? Time? 

The most straightforward and most transparent way is to start with yourself, accept your shortcomings, accept your imperfect nature, and then turn around. 

At these moments, you will learn to deal with the memory and personality defects that plague you. Once you learn to love yourself, you will find that you can bring this love into this world because love is something that protects us all.

You can start to increase your confidence in life by waking up to the present.

“I hope you live in an interesting time.” You may have heard this sentence before. One might be great now! In the face of new crises that continue every day or when your phone warns, switching to disaster mode has never been easier. 

In this confusion, how can you continue to believe that the future of your children and grandchildren still has meaning or hope for life? 

The author, Anne Lamott, hopes to flourish in the present. She remembers arguing with her husband shortly after the wedding; strangely, it was mainly in his mind. 

You see, the discussion with her was just an argument because her husband didn’t reply to her text messages. The noise caught her. But after talking on the phone with a trustworthy friend, she started again, remembering that her husband, especially her best friend, was not always smooth sailing together. She married happily and fell in love, a discovery that eased the confusion that was ruining her day. 

It feels like she recovered from alcohol addiction decades ago. Although her body recovered quickly, she found that she still felt disconnected and helpless from herself or what she called the “purest expression”: her soul. 

For a while, she overshadowed her soul with the poison of perfectionism, self-loathing, and selfishness. However, the soul is conquered and can be destroyed, but she is always optimistic and always ready to be full of hope. 

So that’s it. The author began to clean up the past rubbish through small actions such as paying bills and washing dishes. These tasks helped her resist and gradually fall in love with herself at that moment. 

It may be helpful to rely on your stopping curiosity to test whether your soul is at work in the face of such a struggle. When you feel friendly or present, know that your soul is patting your shoulder and hope you will concentrate. Start with what is in front of you: one plate of cherries or spices at a time.

Seeing and being seen is true friendship.

Do you feel completely flattered sometimes? You’re not alone. Many of us looked at ourselves and saw our aging bodies sink and collapse. 

Anne Lamotte described moments like this when she stretched out her tanned veteran hands, almost wishing her husband would turn their backs on them. Instead, he ignored her with friendly comments, and she was surprised that he could love her so much. Full. 

When you are seen, you will feel that it works in both directions. 

When writing about her husband, Lamotte described how she saw through his shortcomings and found the perfect thing when she saw it. Seeing is more than just seeing because it focuses on the person’s center, including the parts you don’t want to see. Note that this is confidentiality. 

Unfortunately, “being seen” is often a problem. For example, 

Ramot’s husband is more like an omniscient person. He once said that the field lily mentioned in the Bible is a crown anemone, and this literal interpretation undermines his more poetic vision. The man got married very early, and when she said it, she cried. Being an omniscient person destroyed his previous relationship, and he was afraid that he would see. 

Fear of being seen may come from our family. Maybe you come from a dysfunctional family, your mother is by your side or is careless; perhaps your dad is not always there, or he often goes home drunk; unsurprisingly, you have learned that it is best to stay so as not to be seen. 

Intimacy is terrible because it has to do with loss and rejection. True intimacy transcends our goodness and humility, transcends narcissism and jealousy, and reaches the depths of what we don’t want anyone to know: how sometimes we want others to fail or how strong we can be. 

The problem is that those who love you will see these things anyway. They will see you in the worst case, or the most boring things, things you postpone. But this kind of intimacy is a great gift because by showing your true identity and letting yourself be loved, you will learn to be kind, which is to love yourself.

By adjusting where you direct your attention, you begin to develop your heart.

During her annual physical examination, Dr. Anne Lamotte mentioned that melanoma sometimes grew under her nails. Unfortunately, his finger was discolored, and the doctor could not check it. To make matters worse, his father died of melanoma. Of course, she was sure. Will die. 

Later sat in the parking lot thinking about how she lived a life of low-level fear most of the time, indulging in stupid things. She was afraid of men, afraid of poor grades when she was young. There was even a carousel in the zoo. …… 

When will I be able to overcome it? 

Then he remembered what his friend Father Terry said: “We don’t spend much here.” 

Father Terry believes that he should rely on the kindness and seek spiritual awakening instead of trying to overcome everything. Father Terry said: “Don’t try to be an idiot.” 

If you can believe from the bottom of your heart that working hard to reduce the benefits of idiots, you will create a focus shift that allows you to be yourself. 

Because the ability to avoid hell is not enough, you must take it seriously. Only in this way can ideas change, and life will be much better when this change happens. Over time, you will move to more advanced practices of forgiveness. 

We all carry shame and guilt, ashamed of what we think is our defective nature, even after years of treatment. But most of this shame is not us, but the sloppy and reckless comments of adults when they were children. 

Enduring all these old grievances can be exhausting, but when you focus on doing good things, such as becoming more understanding, forgiving, and patient, forgiveness is natural. You will obtain a little peace of mind, which in turn will help you to understand the beauty around you better.

No matter how wrong things get, you always have plenty to keep moving.

Like many people, you may feel that life is too much these days. In addition to their daily struggles, there is the looming climate crisis, a continuing threat to democracy worldwide, and most importantly, a global pandemic. 

Whether you have been struggling to achieve an unattainable goal throughout your life or living in a tragedy of eternal delay, it seems that we have all found a case of burnout. 

It need not be so. Some people, such as a friend of mine, Anne Lamott, whose 22-year-old son has a brain tumor and is terminally ill, have found a way to keep hope in the worst case. 

When Ramot asked her friend how she was doing, the friend replied that no matter how difficult life is, she has something that does not allow her to give up because of love. This friend has enough “lunch money.” Follow and continue. 

But in many cases, this sense of “progress” seems to be only one step ahead of us. With shoulders shrugged and full of fear, we suppressed it and kept walking until the unimaginable evil passed. Us: We have cancer or heart disease. Only in this way will we slow down and become more focused. 

Take the story of Elijah as an example. He was found at the end of the rope and praying for death in the desert, but he did not die, fell asleep, was awakened by the angel, fed and revived him. He gave her water. Elijah was full of power and went to Mount Sinai, where he met God. God asked him: “Why are you here?” 

Lamotte suggested that you can also find your faith to continue eating delicious food and having some fellowship with God, but pray. Ask God if he is there and listen to the whispers of his presence. Learning to listen is a conscious choice. 

If you are stuck in a traffic jam on a busy road, please listen to this whisper. Ramot said that you overcome all the noise in your mind and become one with the universe.

Darkness is comforting because it aids you in seeing the light.

While it’d experience like we are dwelling in quite darkish instances, darkness does not final forever. And actually, Anne Lamott needs you to recognize that point spent withinside the darkish may be a perfect thing.

A few years ago, while her county misplaced strength withinside the California wildfires, she spent four nights in darkness – no mild, no strength, no Wi-Fi. And so she lit candles, which threw lovely shadows on her walls, and helped her see the splendor of contrast – that each mild and darkish are precious.

Later, at a church provider without a microphone and no heating, she marveled at how lovely the collection was. The limitless move of crowd-pleasing notifications had stopped. And she and her fellow congregants had been capable of faucet into the action of life.

Light can be related to epiphany and religious wisdom. However, darkness additionally has many lovely truths to share. Just consider a clean nighttime complete of stars, the northern lights, or the splendor of long-awaited dawn. And when you think that you recognize that the darkness may not be final forever, you could pick to apply it as a respite and slip into the consolation of shadow.

Lamott went for a stroll at some point of the strength outage and noticed an uprooted redwood tree, leaving a vast dust hollow withinside the ground. It stopped her in her tracks. In the tree’s root gadget architecture, she noticed all of life’s lovely complexity – and that it is everywhere, simply underneath the surface. She understood that we are all linked and rooted to the earth. We’re held, sustained, and nourished with the aid of using it.

Identically, you’re held and nourished with the aid of using the imperfect love of all the ones pricey to you. And you deliver it lower back to them in turn. When it is darkish, people’s unique selves pop out at some point of difficult instances, silly resentments are placed aside, and friendship and provider are provided instead. Because it’s the splendor of darkish instances – they display what nonetheless works perfectly: candles, cake, friendship, and love. Love brings out the phenomenon within the international around us – in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities.