What’s it about?

IT WORKS presents a concise, definite plan for bettering your conditions in life. It shows you how to use the Mighty Power within that is willing to serve you if you know how to use it. Three hundred pages are boiled down to ten minutes of interesting facts, a definite plan, and three short rules of accomplishment. Millions have tried the plan it presents, and the truth is IT DOES WORK!

About the author:

R.H. Jarret is an anonymous author. He writes self-development books, where he shares practical advice to help people achieve their best version of themselves. Jarrett only gives the credit of his achievements to his surroundings of people, and he knows the great benefit of doing something without expecting plaudits.

An author who prefers to remain anonymous:

One of the things you’ll notice right away is that the author is unknown; he just has a couple of abbreviated initials. The author intended to do this because he wanted to show people that you can achieve anything you want without receiving the headache of praise. The author, R.H. Jarret, gives the credit of his achievements to his surroundings of people, and he knows the great benefit of doing something without expecting plaudits.

He asks you to learn the rules this book offers and to share the knowledge you gain to others.

“All who joy would win must share it; happiness was born a twin.”


By following the advice of this book, you are going to go against tradition and logic but will unleash your potential.

Were you born beneath a lucky star?

Why do some have everything they wish for, and others don’t? Were they born beneath a lucky star? Do they live life in a particular way? The author sought to understand these questions but failed to find any logical answers. It seemed to him that everything related to attracting your desires and dreams in your life comes down to something that cannot be explained by logic.

Most people believe that fortune comes from luck. The author, though, disagrees with this. He believes that fortune comes down to your ability to know what you want and attract it toward your life. By being specific and precise with your desires, you better your chances of enduring them. To do this, you should commit to the Mighty Power that we will cover shortly. This means that not only should you believe that you deserve what you want, but it shall be yours too.

I wish! I wish! I wish!

A man names jimmy once said: “I wish that were mine” when a new car passed by him. A woman of the name Florence said the same thing when she passed by a jewelry store. Also, did a couple that came upon a beautiful big house. Similar to these individuals, we say “I wish” at least twice a day, but deep down, we don’t believe that our wish will come true, nor do we give a thought on how to make these wishes come to life.

If you seek to achieve your desires, you have to remove logic out of the picture and release a power already present within you. This means to stop overthinking and analyzing every situation. Instead, focus on doing, not wishing. Wishes are nothing without action!

The Mighty Power at your service:

Right after you decide what you want precisely, you tap into the Mighty Power, a power every person already has within. This power goes by many names, depending on who you ask. R.H. Jarret calls it “Emmanuel,” or “God in us,” Whatever you call it, it’s agreed that it represents an individual’s subjective mind.

Your mind settles on using its objective side almost always; it is the logical side that allows you to function and understand your surroundings. On the other hand, there is your subjective mind; it is capable of much more than you could ever imagine, and it’s proven to have omnipotent power. The point is, your subjective mind can give you more than what you would wish. The catch is that you need to know precisely how to control and use it.

The significance of belief:

The first rule to achieve whatever you desire is to specify precisely what you wish to have. This is harder than you think, but you might be able to discover what you want more than anything if you think about it carefully and deeply. From there, direct your thoughts and believes right into your subjective mind. However, you’ll achieve nothing without a plan.

The Mighty Power will indeed grant you your wish; all you need to do is to be all in and sure about it. If you went in half-heartedly, this omnipotent power would not reach its full potential, and you’ll end up unsatisfied with the results. You need to be honest with yourself in every situation.

The three main rules to reach what you desire:

Once you have made up your mind about what you want and communicated this desire with absolute truth, you need to follow these three rules. Before that, write your wishes down in order of importance, as the author suggests. It is essential not to be worried about asking for too much or changing things. It is all normal.

After writing your list, the three rules are as the following:

  1. Read your list three times in the morning, midday, and in the evening. 
  2. During the day, think of what you want as much as possible.
  3. Try to keep it to yourself without speaking to anyone else. Keep the power within you; it is all that you need. Communicate with your subjective mind. 

In the beginning, it might sound unrealistic, but writing them in order of importance is a good starting point. It is like manifesting them into reality.

Just go with it, without question:

Simply have the faith that it is going to work out. Don’t over-analyze if it is going to happen or not; just believe it is. According to the author, questioning it logically is like wondering how a little corn can multiply and blossom into hundreds. The less you’re questioning it, the faster it will manifest. It doesn’t have logical reasoning, so there is no point in trying to understand and analyze. It is purely powered by force.

Two vital signs of progression:

In a short amount of time, it is typical that you would want to see the progress of your plan; you want to make sure that it is working. However, the improvement might not be evident initially, but these are two signs that point out the progress.  

  • You might remove some items from your list because you no longer desire them.
  • Some new desires might come to your mind. 

These two signs indicate that your desires are shifting or changing because you feel that they are being brought to your life.

It is about you:

If you have any kind of doubts or questioning yourself again, it is essential to know that this is entirely normal. The thing is that you’ve listened to your objective mind for a very long time, that you crave logical explanations. 

When you find yourself having doubts, the author suggests rereading your list and having a chat with your inner self. Tell yourself nothing is preventing you from having what you want. If others can get what they desire, why can’t you? 

“Remember, nothing can prevent you from having that which you earnestly desire. Others have these things. Why not you?”

-R.H. Jarrett

Also, you need to pay attention to your energy, always keep yourself busy with important issues. You might have to deal with the skepticism and negativity of those closest to you. It is vital to keep your desires and accomplishments to yourself without revealing them to others. Keep this matter as private as possible. It is about you and the power within. 

Be definite and specific:

Be as specific as you can when you are writing the list of your desires. For example, if you want a car, write down its color, type, and price. To manifest your desires, be clear and specific in what you want and how you want it. The more specific you are, the faster the results. 

Don’t discredit:

The number one thought of discredit is “what a coincidence.” Don’t ever discredit yourself by those thoughts because they might not look harmful to you, and you might think that you got lucky. However, it is possible because you are the one who achieved it. 

You must thank yourself for the power that helped you manifest your desire. This gratitude should be sincere. Show your grace with your words, your body language. Always reassure yourself that it is not a coincidence. Notice that it is all within you. 

Be careful of what you wish for:

It might not always be clear what you want in reality. You may think that you want something when you don’t want it. It is possible that after you get the thing you wish to, you discover that it is not what makes you happy. In some cases, it might upset someone around you. 

Remember that with great power comes great responsibility. When you wish for something, you should take into consideration everything that comes with it, whether it was good or bad. It is crucial to know that what you are asking for won’t cause discomfort or pain to someone around you.   

“Plan that which you are sure will give to you and your fellow man the greatest good here on earth.” 


Try to achieve small things first:

The author suggests starting to achieve lesser things first, in other words, starting small. Choose things that are more familiar and easier to obtain. After meeting those little things, you can start with something bigger, like getting rid of a bad habit. 

It is likely that once you begin to see results, you would automatically want to help people to do the same. In that case, offer them this summary so you could pass on your wisdom and show them that it works.