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The 10X Rule (2011) provides clear indications for how to best plan your road to success. This article will teach you why this little-known strategy works and how to put it into action, while also giving you the tools you need to become more successful than you ever thought possible.

About the author:

Grant Cardone is a sales training expert who works with companies worldwide and owns three companies of his own. The 10X Rule is his third best-selling book.

The 10X is the real factor behind all exceptional action:

You probably stumbled upon this wondering what is the 10X rule, and does it really help you achieve all your desires and dreams?

Let’s start with a small background story; the author Grant Cardone is a real-estate investor who has built many successful companies. People have always asked what the secret to his huge success is.

The question always took him back. After thinking about it, he then realized that he succeeded because he followed the 10X rule. He always went the extra mile and put 10 times more effort than any average person would.

Many people set high goals but underestimate the quantity of labor and action or mindset shift needed to accomplish that goal. This is why we often fail to meet our expectations. Be aware of this if you proudly set goals on New Year’s day; you push your way through December 31st without reaching 50% of them.

In some people’s cases, they give a massive amount of effort and yet, find themselves short on the outcome. This might be because they didn’t have the right mindset shift. Grant was a victim of this; he reached success in business, but he never was financially successful because he didn’t set his financial goals too high.

Don’t be frightened of thinking big; when you limit the success you desire, you begin to reduce the amount of action required, and this will make you far from successful.

For instance, you can’t expect to be called fit (physically) if you succeed in losing 10 pounds, only to gain 12 pounds after a few weeks. Real success should be maintained and continuous. Success is an everlasting loop; after achieving one goal, move onto the next with even a better mindset and action. 

A lot of people don’t look at success as progressive, so they reach some goals in a year then go relax for another. That’s why you see people wealthy in their youth but probably die broke.

That’s a horrible fate. The 10X rule teaches you how to avoid such a fate and how to be armed to dominate your career field through huge action and thinking. 

“Any target attacked with the right actions in the right amounts with persistence is attainable.”

Grant Cardone

What is the exact definition of success? Three things you have to know about it:

We have defined success before – the progressive actualization of a worthy goal.

But that’s a general definition. When we dig deep into it, we’ll find that success mostly depends on the person you ask about.

For a child, success probably means going to school with candy or staying up past bedtime.

The parameters alter as you grow and develop. A teenager’s definition of success is making good grades, getting into a high school relationship, and earning some money for himself.

A grown up’s equation is totally different. They could be: getting married, raising children, or building a business. The bottom line is, success is always the same thing, but we use unalike parameters to measure it.

Nonetheless, no matter of your success parameter, there are a few things you have to know about success to succeed and repeat:

  1. Success is essential.
  2. Success is an obligation.
  3. There is no shortage of success.

First, success is essential – you’ll have a tough life if you fail to succeed in your ventures. You’ll have little time left in your career, you’ll struggle financially, psychologically, and relationally. As simple as you’ll live an unhappy life.

There’s potentially suppressed inside you, and you’ll live a life of frustration if you continue with the habit of living below your potential. The action of reaching success teaches you that life has no limits; that you can achieve whatever you want out of life. This will help you use your built-in potentials, which will give you self-esteem and personal fulfillment.

However, success will not reach you unless you work your way toward it. Nobody lays around waiting for success to come and meet them in the living room. You have to give it all you’ve got. Be deliberate about success in life, business, career, and family. Simply, you’re decreasing your chances of success if you don’t work hard towards it. 

To achieve this, think of success as an obligation, a responsibility. Once you think of success as ethical, your mindset towards it will start to change

The thing about success is that it has no limits. Success isn’t like the gas in your car that will eventually run out. 

There’s no limitation to the quantity of success you can reach, and the success of another person can never prevent your success. On the contrary, the success of others creates the right setting for you to be successful. For instance, a lot of people make a living out of Facebook ads. This would have never happened if Facebook wasn’t launched in the first place. The founder of Facebook is as successful as the person making Facebook ads for a living. So you can see that success attracts success.

The concept of another person’s success, limiting your success, is a limiting belief; it produces envy, grudges, and hatred the different ingredients of success – creativity, ingenuity, and renovation.

Success is less like something you achieve and more like something you attract:

Things don’t just drop your way, they happen for a reason, and the reason is you. You lure success or failure because of who you are.

You need to convince your subconsciousness that things don’t just happen and that you’re the one responsible for the things that happen to your life, whether directly or indirectly.

The 10X mindset doesn’t throw the blame on people or circumstances for the results it encounters. Instead, it takes all responsibility for any outcome of life. 

Playing the role of a victim will lead you nowhere in your journey to greatness. It will block your progress. Believe me, your life will change dramatically once you start taking real responsibility for all that happens in your life.

It’s pretty easy to take responsibility when you are involved in person. Still, it starts to be more difficult when you don’t have personal control over the situation. For example, if you are supposed to make an announcement, but no one seems to care. You directly put the blame on the topic or the disrespectful audience. The 10X applier will think differently. He would’ve searched within himself for a way to make the topic more enjoyable and attractive to the people.

Four means of action and their effect:

Until now, we’ve settled that our actions and thoughts are the major drivers of success in our life.

You can never achieve any triumph if you have limited thinking; similarly, you might own the greatest mind on earth, but your mind is unable to get you out of mediocrity if you aren’t set to take the required action. 

It is certainly wrong to assume that those who are left unpleased with their results are not taking action. They are – all of us take actions regularly. The problem is that most people don’t take the number of actions needed to establish the life they desire.

It is said that to change the quality of our lives, we should change our actions. But you’ll reach nowhere if you attempt to do this whilst you are unaware of your current activity level nor how to move onto the level required to reach success. The author categorized our actions into four chronological groups.

· Level one – No action

The people of this group are the ones that have given up on their dreams. They stopped taking action to achieve their long life desires. They are careless when it comes to pursing knowledge, networking, or performing the things that make them enjoy life. This group of people spends their life explaining to others how and why things aren’t working out for them.

It is easy to assume that these people aren’t spending any energy on anything, but that’s far from reality. Each and every action group is busy conveying time, money, and potential into something.

The no-action group is the ones that have a habit of devoting themselves to stuff that won’t matter in the future.

· The second level of action – Retreat

At some point, people in this group have taken action that didn’t bring any outcome or the expected outcome for that matter. The feeling of failure makes them retreat – presuming that the situation is despairing. But this isn’t the case for them; more often than not, what we evaluate as success or failure is nothing but a thinking pattern.

You might suppose that you failed the business once you tried twice but failed twice to reach your goal. Though maybe, if you try one more time, the third time will be a charm. Retreaters need to critically examine the situation before drawing conclusions.

For instance, it isn’t logical to skip studying for an exam just because you already failed in this particular course last time, and therefore presume that you can’t pass it. The right action would be to attend a tutorial class to help you get through the exam.

· Third – the normal level of action

This level is the most widespread in our society, and it’s a social acceptance norm. The person who takes standard actions never pursues being extraordinary. He never thinks of standing out in a crowd and wants to be like everyone.

He aims for a normal life: average education, average care, average family, average career. Average. Average. Average. He’s frightened of falling below the line of average, but never pursues an above average existence.

He is stuck in the middle class. And he’s pleasant in the middle class because the middle class is what society champions: the naive will immediately start judging your actions once you dare and surpass the “norm.”

Normal levels of action lead to an average (normal) life, and living an average life can be quite dangerous. Anything can happen: you can get broke before you know it of you get just a bit financially shaken. Your company won’t even flinch once they decide to fire you and replace you for another average person.

· The progressively successful and happy people – the level of massive action

The empire of action is considered beyond insanity by a lot of people since it surpasses the societal understanding of hard work and progressive success.

Though, you look at nature and discover that massive action is the thread of creation. Think about ants and bees. They’re constantly working, using massive action to secure their existence. There is a non-stop activity beneath the earth.

Or is it the whole planetary bodies never stop circling around the sun? Don’t you also realize that the ocean never stops moving?

Nature is persistently and continuously working. It’s the reason why you can plant a seed, go to sleep and wake up after 7 days to find out that it germinated. Every single thing around us is always on the move, why should we be any different? 

Massive action is about taking part in activities that move you, your business of family forward successively. There is no room for retreat, no action, or normal action. Just consistent massive action.

Massive action can lift you from obscurity to actualizing your dreams and ambitions by a global force.

You will be criticized, but the results you’ll see will speak for themselves at the end of the day.

Do not agree to be in the first three groups. Resolve now to be a massive action taker.

Setting high goals doesn’t make you senseless. Actually, it is the only way to maximize your potential: 

Most people must’ve heard that all of us are unlimited; the limitation only exists in mind. Yet, they still satisfy with average or realistic dreams.

The way society works makes us see some things as realistic and others as not. This is not true.

For an accomplished person, there is no such thing as unrealistic goals. In essence, there are only goals that need massive action compared to others. 

Don’t hold back on setting high goals because only those can give you the happiness and satisfaction you deserve. There is a rushing sense of fulfillment once you do things mediocre people consider impossible.

For example, wouldn’t it seem crazy to talk to someone 250KM away in the stone age? 

If no one stepped in and decided to find a way to develop human communication, it would’ve never happened. If you look at the lives of inventors and successful business owners, you’ll only notice one common thing: they had big goals.

High goals give you the power to keep going despite the setbacks or resistance. But in such circumstances, it’s easy to dump small goals. 

As a thumb rule, you should encourage the habit of going over your goals every single day. This will be a push for you to keep on the right track.

Remember, the 10X rule is all about acting and thinking 10X more than an average person. Don’t turn this into a competition, bus set high goals that will challenge your mind and force you to take massive 10X action.


Life is a great gift meant to be enjoyed by everyone. A lot of people go through life unfulfilled and get to their jobs wishing that the day would end even before it starts just because they are not receiving the kind of results they wished for. The main key to everlasting happiness is spending more time thinking and putting in 10 times more effort than a normal average person.

Do not agree to think and dream but big. Resolve to start today to achieve your maximum potential. Take success as a must, and you’ll life will be just where you want it to be.

Try this: 

Ask yourself; are you satisfied with your overall achievements?


Then the 10X rule should be your pocket buddy. Grab a pin and paper and start writing your dream life without thinking of how you’ll actualize it. Your homework is to live. Once you are done, close your eyes and start visualizing that dream life of yours.

How do you feel?

As you keep repeating this daily, your mind will start coming up with 10X strategies and actions to build you the life of your dreams.