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Too Fast to Think serves as a hand reminder to reevaluate how you operate your thoughts in this rapid, ever-converting era. This book explains why social media negatively impacts human beings and how you may bolster your creativity by giving your mind a break.

About the author:

Christopher Lewis is the founder and CEO of the LEWIS Advisory Board, one of the world’s most influential marketing and communications agencies. He is also a journalist and media educator and has worked with well-known politicians, celebrities, and business people.

Time to slow down and get creative:

In the current world, we flow approximately at breakneck speed. Our meals are fast, our communique is instant, and we paint in a regular hurry.

Unfortunately, all of this dashing isn’t healthy for us. It leaves us burdened and unhappy. Not simplest that, however, it additionally destroys our creativity. So what are we able to do?

This summary enables us to explain how we will step off this treadmill. It lays out the advantages of giving ourselves and our brains time to be creative. By following this straightforward advice, we will begin turning into happier and more excellent revolutionary people.

Regularly reviewing your emails and social media accounts create stress, particularly for women:

In the past 20 years, the road between humans’ working and social lives has blurred. The number one motive for this modification is social media. 

Frankly, it has converted human behavior. How regularly do you interrupt what you are doing to test your information feed, emails, and different method of communication?

In 2015, Adobe surveyed greater than four hundred US-primarily based white-collar people,18 and older. More than 1/2 of the millennials who participated checked their email from paintings and vice versa.

Social media has modified how humans consider the world. Thanks to algorithms and centered information pieces, your feeds are populated with content material catered to you. Individuals generally tend to understand minor approximate problems outdoor their interests. It is why younger humans understand Kim Kardashian’s existence more than the applicants in a presidential election.

Interestingly, ladies are greater lively on social media. Compared to men, they delegate more significant time to live with connection to online pals and following manufacturers they support.

In January 2014, the Pew Research Center surveyed alongside Women’s Marketing, Inc, and SheSpeaks. The outcomes confirmed that ladies are much more likely to apply social media for marketing and marketing their lives and shopping for merchandise from manufacturers they follow. In addition, the survey determined that forty-six percentage of ladies check their smartphones first factor withinside the morning at the same time as 31 percentage check their computers.

This multiplied quantity of online engagement results in more significant stress. The Pew Research Center observed that social media allows for better attention to others’ lives, selling worrying feelings. As ladies are certainly greater vulnerable to stress, social media has a more significant enormous impact on them. It’s substantially modified how humans act and communicate.

Higher studies focus on knowledge rather than teaching expressions and creativity:

As cutting-edge existence is always swiftly converting, humans want to conform to thrive. Unfortunately, the equipment required to achieve this isn’t being taught.

When it involves better training, universities and schools tend to teach the idea as a topic instead of teaching it in a constructive, innovative way.

This concept is supported via way of means of the award-triumphing indoors fashion dressmaker Vanessa Brady. She observed that maximum layout schools forget about educating a non-public finance direction because they adhere too carefully to the strict constraints of layout ideas. By refusing to teach the practicalities of enterprise to students, the colleges are restricting the innovative ability of their alumni.

Another component that universities tend to forget about is verbal exchange. As formerly discussed, social media is converting how younger humans interact – those days, they tend to express themselves through texts and emojis.

Texting is the favored approach to call because the latter is visible as too intrusive as it does not permit the man or woman on the alternative cease of the road to cope with the facts of their time. This loss of verbal or face-to-face verbal exchange alters what humans say to one another.

The net has brought about a phenomenon that psychologist John Suler calls toxic disinhibition. It is the belief that due to the fact the recipient of the message isn’t always bodily present, a person is much more likely to make statements online that they might be way too embarrassed or ashamed to mention in actual existence.

In essence, the training device desires to reconsider its coaching techniques to safely equip younger humans with the competencies they want to stand the troubles posed via way of means of current living.

To reach your artistic potential, let your mind rest:

As you have learned, social media may hinder your happiness. But what can you do to fight this?

Nowadays, to gain contentment, you need to recognize how your mind works. The left mind offers vital thinking, analysis, and language while the proper sense manages innovative features like spotting faces, colors and analyzing feelings is managed by the right one.

They generally tend to cooperate together. When you meet a new person, the left mind analyzes components consisting of their gestures and how they may be dressed. After ten minutes, if you sense an affinity closer to them, your left mind will relax, and your sound mind will kick in to permit feelings like empathy and friendliness.

The the way your mind operates can differ from the way it acts because the elements you use most customarily are strengthened.

As it is a passive activity, sleep is regularly unnoticed unlike enhancing creativity and average fitness. It’s frequently visible as a waste of time. Many human beings move without it and push themselves to the restrict it until critical fitness issues arise.

Sleep restores the mind and improves its responses. People who capitalize on sleep generally tend to have triple the innovative and cognitive strength of folks that don’t.

Take former US president Bill Clinton. He labored so exhaustively that he ended up having a coronary heart attack. In hindsight, he even found out that he made errors due to tiredness. It’s essential to attend to your mind to enhance your creativity.

Use the Eight Creative methods to stop the fear of defeat from restraining your creativity:

As lifestyles are so stressful those days, it is hard ro find time to permit your thoughts to wander and strike upon an innovative idea.

Everyone’s seeking out a game-converting solution. However, the worry of failure serves as a roadblock. The best situations for creativity come while the left mind, answerable for processing fear and anxiety, is distracted with the aid of using habits. It gives the innovative proper mind the liberty to contemplate.

That’s why your pleasant thoughts are created while you are doing menial sports like taking walks or having a shower. However, with the proper tactics, you could teach your worry-inducing left mind to take a break.

To harness your creativity withinside the face of fast-paced cutting-edge lifestyles, use those Eight Creative Traits: quiet, have interaction, dream, relax, release, repeat, play, and train.

Sometimes, doing nothing is the best way for new thoughts to return to the light. Try to have a quiet moment – take a seat down on your own without your phone and computer and permit yourself to daydream, to boos your imagination. Alternatively, a few simple activities help– have a chilled tub or prepare dinner at home.

Remember that you don’t need to hurry the process. When it involves creative questioning itself, take a much less excessive approach. Play together along with your thoughts to have interaction with your right mind. It’s additionally vital to copy your innovative habits to become familiar with your new skills.

“Creativity is the residue of time wasted.”

– Albert Einstein

Flexibility and sensibility are two critical assets for your creativity and achievement:

Once you discover how to listen to your intuition, you can use them in your life. 

The person who proved this is Sinclair Beecham, who co-founded the successful Prêt à Manger network. Together with Julian Metcalfe Beecham’s partner, he turned a simple sandwich into a healthier and more affordable meal. 

His idea is so successful because he instinctively believes that it is better to focus on making people happy than making money. If you understand what makes people happy, you will reap huge profits. If you only focus on profitability, you will inevitably waste time and money. 

To always make people happy, Beecham decided to follow his instincts strictly. After years of using his brain for analytical purposes, he found that the best ideas came to him because he didn’t work. 

There may be a better educational journey than going to university to cultivate creativity, going out, and spending. You should understand the world as much as possible; generate ideas that will enhance your creativity in later life. 

As the global creative president of Edelman, a leader in the communications market, Jackie Cooper’s career proves that success does not depend on a college degree. When he chose to train, he did not immediately become a leader. He enjoys life and has experienced many different adventures. It was this experience that made him the perfect candidate for his current situation. 

The lesson to be determined is that success and creativity can come from the most unexpected places.